Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Linens and Fabrics

I'm constantly searching for vintage fabrics and linens for my sewing projects. So far my luck hasn't been great and I can't seem to find any at the thrift stores. But yesterday my luck turned and I hit the mother lode! I found two floral vintage sheets, a floral vintage pillow case, some awesome tapestry vintage 60's fabric, and a quilt made from vintage fabrics - score! The cost for all of these? $10. Now, what to make out of them, hmm...

Floral vintage sheets and pillow case. I'm thinking these might make cute little girl skirts.

The retro 60's tapestry fabric. This fabric would be cute made into a bag or purse.

I LOVE the colors in this quilt, and it's in perfect condition. Lately the kids have been making "beds" outside on the grass on sunny days. This quilt is the perfect size for them. It will make a great 4th of July quilt too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things I'm Loving Now...

Justin watering the sunflowers he planted with his new and very well loved watering can.

Our baby veggies are peeking through the dirt finally! This box is holding brocolli, spinach, kale, cabbage, cilantro, basil, and sunflowers. I can't wait until these are ready to eat!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Garden Art

If you know me then you know if there is something to decorate I will find it! Now that we're getting the garden ready for spring it's time to decorate. I have plans to do some more mosaics to put in the garden, but for now I found some pretty things to adorn it with. Ron hasn't seen my latest additions, so we'll see what stays. ;) I love finding unexpected art in a garden tucked away in random places. What kind of garden art do you have?

Mosaic I found at a thrift store hanging out in the rock garden.

The bamboo fence needed some art too.

One of my earlier mosaics with an aquatic theme in the rock garden.

Front porch - I did a mosaic on the pot and Ron did the stepping stone.

Pretty abalone shell catching the sun in our front yard.

Back porch - I loved these branch clippings Ron brought home from some sort of willowy tree. I used them to decorate with indoors too.

Our flowering plum in the front yard is adorned with wind chimes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Helloooo Warm Weather!

We're finally having some beautiful sunny days after months of cold and rain! I'm so ready for spring and sunshine. We've been practically living out in the back yard and loving every minute of it. This past week Justin and I painted our new to us climber/swing set. It looks so much better now!

I just love the fact that even though we live in the heart of the city we can still have a rural yard and garden. The veggie garden is coming along nicely, and the veggies should be ready for picking in about a month or so. We contemplated getting chickens this year, but we're still focusing on getting our yard up to speed so we'll get them next spring most likely. Now that the work on the house is finished we are tackling the yard. It seems like there's so much to do, but slowly we're making headway one project at a time.

Still on the to do list are: A greenhouse which Ron will build out of windows he's collected, 2-3 more raised beds, a low fence separating the middle yard from the back yard, tearing out the concrete walk way in the front and putting bricks in, installing a large pond in the front yard, (complete with a waterfall!), and more. Ron will be doing most of these projects, whew! I'm so glad I married someone who loves to garden and landscape! Here are some pics of the back yard:

Charcoal and Justin having a snack. (Notice the cracker in Justin's other hand.)

I just love these blossoms!

My favorite tree in the yard.

Cool cactus garden a friend gave Sarah.

My big accomplishment for the week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're Alive - A Quick Re-Cap

Dear Blogging World,

My deepest apologies for disappearing for almost a month. There's been way too much going on to keep up with you. Firstly, our construction is officially done - wohooo!! Our house looks fantastic, and I never want to have to do this again. It is well worth it, but quite the process, and has been a part time job for me this past year. Now I almost don't know quite what to do with myself! ;)

Sarah's 6th grade science project took up most of the past week or so. It turned out great and she aced it and may be going to county. Her topic was soil saturation. She has also added another ballet class and she now has 6 dance classes per week. It's hard to keep up with this girl! Ron has been gardening to his heart's content these past few weeks. He put up a fence, made a pond, made another raised bed, and planted seeds. I am a blessed woman! Justin's latest joy is digging holes in the yard with the mini shovel Ron bought him. Our yard is now the holiest yard in the county!

I recently joined a women's international justice group and LOVE it!! We meet monthly to discuss global justice issues. Last week we saw a film on Guatemala's history, and it also discussed a town in Guatemala which grows fair trade coffee as its industry. I get to host next month and can't wait to introduce my topic - more to come on that. I haven't gotten a lick of sewing done lately, (true confessions!), but now that things are mellowed out a bit I plan to get some major headway.

So, that's the month in a nut shell. I hope to be more regular with the posts now!

Here's a few pics of life the past month:

Front shot of our finished home sweet home.

Sarah out at the beach getting a sand sample.

Raised Bed #2 - broccoli and potatoes will grow in this one. Ron gets all of his soil for free now! He found a guy who gets rid of his regularly, wohoo!

Another one of Ron's free scores. A bath tub which he has made into a little pond with a sitting bench. The wood is redwood and he got it for free also from a foundation tear down.

The fence Ron made separating the front yard from the back yard. Now Justin can play safely in the back yard. The kitties have a door they can use to get through the yards too!