Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We Have Lift Off!

On the run!

Justin took his first steps around three months ago at @ 14 months. Since then he has been taking his 'ol sweet time mastering the skill of walking. He is very cautious by nature, has been from the get go, and no amount of prodding or bribing would make him go any faster - thank you very much! In the past few weeks, however, he has decided it's finally time to Go For It! He now walks everywhere and is beginning to gain some speed. It's great to see him getting some wings, but in a way it's hard to see my baby growing up, sigh. Well, I better get used to it!

Sarah started school three days ago and is now a big 4th grader! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Johnson, (does that sound like a teacher's name or what?!), and she loves her. The 4th graders at Sarah's school get to take strings this year in music class. Sarah has decided to go with the violin and we're excited to see her jam out some tunes with her bow and strings! Well,.... once she gets through the squeaky stage I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alexander Family Vacation - Coffee & More: Part Two

When we were in Seattle we had to see the original first Starbuck's at Pikes Place of course! We aren't called the quad shot for nothing. ;)

While we were in Vancouver we went to the old town area, also called Gas Town. We found a great coffee shop where Justin had his first iced latte - decaf of course. He LOVED it, no shock there!

This is the best shot from the trip by far! I love the indignant look on Justin's face - "What you lookin' at?" Sarah and I were laughing so hard we could hardly breathe. Definitely a Kodak moment!

Alexander Family Vacation! Part One

We just returned from our travels to the far north: Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver B.C.! We had a relaxing fun filled adventure.

Our first stop was Ashland where we hung out at a fun park. Sarah scaled a super tall climber - what fun!

The next day we went to an amazing drive through safari in Oregon. A sign read, "Please keep all windows and doors closed at all times." - yikes! We steered clear of the rhinos!

We headed up to Seattle Washington where we went to the famous Space Needle, Seattle Art Museum, Pike's Place Market, Seattle Bay, and the locks.

Next we went to Vancouver, B.C.; It was our first visit to Canada and we loved it! Our first stop was China Town where we visited the beautiful botanical gardens and did some shopping and sight seeing. We found a great Chinese noodle restaurant. Justin liked "eating" with the chopsticks.

Old town Vancouver was by far our favorite part of the trip. It's called "Gas Town" and has lots of quaint European type shops and boutiques. There were loads of out door cafes and coffee shops. There were even a few pubs! I felt like I was back in England almost. After our visit in Canada we went back to Seattle for a few days then headed back down to Oregon where we hung out with April's family for the weekend and then headed home.