Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bathroom Makeover

Well, sort of a bathroom make over anyway! This week I found the cutest vintage etched glass medicine cabinet at Shipwreck for our down stairs bathroom which didn't have a medicine cabinet. Then Ron went out and bought a vintage glass knob for the door today. It's great to have a knob now since there wasn't one before. I love how it all came out! Now I just need to get some new towel racks, toilet paper holder, and a new toilet seat!

The bathroom window.

Close up of the pretty etchings in the glass.

It's up! Now we just need to fix the spot on the right. There was a hole cut out in the wall, not centered though.

I love this knob!

Here's Ron installing the knob, after working an 8 hour day on a Saturday, what a guy!

Sewing Machine Cover

I've been meaning to make a sewing machine cover for a long time now...well, today I finally did it! I found the cutest Moda fabric at Scottie Dog Quilts which incorporated blue and yellow - my sewing room wall and curtain colors. There is even a punch of orange in the fabric as well which goes well with my what not basket. I got the pattern from the sarisabee craft blog - thanks Sara!! I love how it came out! I took the pics in the late afternoon, but you get the idea. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hand Made House Warming Prezies

Today two lovely friends gifted me with some amazing hand made goodness! The first hand sewn item was from a Craft It Forward I joined a few months back. Here's how it works: You get a gift and then you pass on the hand made love to another person. So now I need to get on the ball and make my Craft It Forward goodie! I got a Saraisabee hand made original! It's a what not basket and I adore it! The fabric is from Ikea and it's fabric I wanted but they were out of stock at the time I tried to buy some so I'm thrilled! Thanks Sara!!

The second gift is two adorable hand knitted kitchen hand towels made by Marybeth. My Grandma used to make these so they're very sentimental. They even came with her own label!

Cute birdies and I love the interior trim and pretty ribbons!

I'm going to have this in my sewing room for ages.

It's already catching sewing what nots.

The two adorable kitchen hand towels sans mb label.

Two Skirts for Two Sisters

I had such fun working on these two skirts for two sisters, both with June birthdays a few weeks apart! It was my first project done in my new sewing area - aaaahhhh! I was in sewing heaven - yes it does exist and I know 'cause I went there. I designed the patterns for the dresses with some advisement from Sarah on the pink and green girlie one. She insisted it should have a ruffle and that I add some brighter fabrics. I'm glad I went along with her suggestions since it turned out so cute!

The finished products side by side

Tatum's Skirt - Red, white and blue vintage style skirt with vintage button and pom poms made for the little one's first birthday. She was born a few weeks from the 4th of July.

Rowan's Skirt - A fun Humboldt girly style patchwork skirt. Sarah advised I add the brighter fabrics on the right and the ruffle, glad I did!

Wrapped up and ready to go. I used fabrics from the dresses for ribbons and matched the paper colors to that of the dresses.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Views From Home

Today I took some pics of some of my favorite views around and about the house. My camera is not the greatest, but I got some decent ones. I had fun in Photoshop tweaking them. I have too much time on my hands now that school is out!

I told Justin that I wanted to take his picture. He posed so nicely for me in the reading room! I love how this one came out. Child #1 can't sit this still.

Window cil sitters
Sarah's flower pot boquet from Flora

Books, glorious books

One of my favorite views in the house. Sitting in the reading room looking across the hall.

Our Christmas cactus has exploded into bloom.

One of the amazing aprons Louise made us!

Sewing supplies

Laundry room window

Upstairs banister

Hydrangia - Thanks Deanna and Adam!

Lamb's Ear


Antique roses that were here when we moved in

Ron indulged me with some potted plants for the porch.

Fox Gloves and Hydrangia

My cute kitty

What a journey for these three numbers!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sarah the Dancer

Sarah danced in her 6th ballet recital tonight, "Flora." She has been taking ballet for 3 1/2 years now, and has been taking modern dance for 1 year. I'm so proud of her accomplishments in such a short amount of time! She has gone from ballet 1 to ballet 4, (as of this fall), in a few years. (Most of the girls in her class have taken ballet since they were three or four.) She has two ballet classes per week; one of them is a pre pointe class. Then she takes her modern dance class once a week. She wants to add a Latin class next year. She works so hard to perfect her art. I was a dancer, so I know how difficult ballet really is. Dancers make ballet look really easy, but it is hard work! One of the kids in her class has a mom who is a photographer. She got these amazing pics of Sarah on the last day of class. I especially like the first one!

Stretching for splits. She has only a few inches to go!

She is notorious for having her ribbons untie mid dance. Her teacher asked the photographer to get this photo of her to memorialize the moment!

Cool twirly spin

Friday, June 5, 2009

House Warming Fun

We had a little house celebration last weekend and our friends brought us some wonderful gifts! We were given seven plants! It was so much fun to show people our little spot on this earth, and just hang out and have a good time. Ron made his famous chili, (man salad), it was sooo yummy. I took pics of most of the lovely gifts. My camera wasn't cooperating today, so I have more pics to upload - a friend gave us the cutest hand made aprons I want to show you! Thanks to all who came to our little party!

Two different friends from my mom's group, (Deanna and Elizabeth), gave us the same pretty pink hydrangea plant! Ron had registered for these at Target, but they didn't even know and got them other places. I think they know us well!

The beautiful fuscia was given to us by one of Ron's bosses. It looks great hanging in the holly tree.

A Japanese maple given to us by one of Ron's co workers. The tree on the left was given to us as well, I'm sure what it is exactly. Ron planted them in the front yard.

This is a "Wandering Jew" plant, it's so pretty. We can't figure out who gave it to us, but we love it!

The sea foam vintage pitcher on the far left was given to us by our friends Jason and Bethany. It's my favorite present by far! It fits in perfectly with my vintage pitcher/tea pot family.

We were given a few gift cards. I got this nice couch cover with the gift for our hand me down love seat that was in desperate need of a make over. It matches our leather couch well.

This wasn't a gift. I just wanted to show you the gorgeous purple Rhododendron blooming in our front yard!