Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty in Bottles

The cherry blossoms on our tree are starting to blow away, so I decided it was time to bring some of them into the house to enjoy before they disappear altogether. We have a large cherry tree in the front corner of the house and a flowering plum as well. It's one of my favorite times of year due to these beautiful blooms!

Introducing Sergette!

I've wanted a serger for the longest time, and now, finally here she is! I got a great deal on a Brother serger with lay in threading. Now I can finish my seams and sell my goods on Etsy and locally as well. I haven't taken her for a test drive yet, but will soon! Welcome to the family Sergette!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tray Find

The other day I went fabric shopping at the local thrift store and I happened to find an adorable vintage tray for 99 cents! The thrift store I went to used to have a large vintage section, but now they take the vintage items and sell them on line and locally to antique stores. But, once in a while they miss some vintage items, and that's when I score! I'm pretty sure this tray is from the 50's or 60's based on the colors and design. I love trays, and am happy to add this one, for 99 cents, to my collection!

It matches my red shakers too!

Planting Time

The time has finally arrived to start planting!! I woke up this morning to sounds of joy coming from the kids and little feet pitter-pattering quickly across the floor. Even Justin is excited about planting, this being the first year he can really get involved. I've had a headache all weekend, so I wasn't able to take part, but it was fun seeing the finished product. Now all of the plastic planting containers won't be blowing around the yard anymore!! Every bin is filled with sunflower seeds. Ron loves them, can't get enough of them, and prizes himself on being able to grow some very tall sunflowers! So stay tuned for spring time when these burst into glorious bloom!

The master gardener - I love how he used card board dividers, very cool.

Someday soon these will be towering sunflowers!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window...slow drizzle

I am thinking...I love it when the house is this quiet

I am thankful for...my beautifully restored house - from the transformed outside to the tiny details inside

I am wearing...jeans, t-shirt, warm cozy sweater, bare feet

I am remembering...the beautiful way my daughter danced in her ballet class last night

I am going...to have a restful weekend with no meetings, dinners, birthday parties, etc.

I am currently reading...Hmmm, need to work on that!

I am hoping...to see three good friends I've known for 4 years online but never met in person

On my mind...how to raise my kids to be independent, intelligent, loving, and creative

Noticing that...I'm not trying to change how people see me so much anymore

Pondering these words...Children are a blessing from the Lord

From the kitchen...lots of fresh veggies and amazing stir fry

Around the house..warm blankets, steaming tea cups, the kids' crayon art work

One of my favorite things~ brain storming design ideas for my etsy line
From my photo diary: