Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ballet Class

Sarah has started her second year of ballet. She takes classes from Erin Fernandez at Common Ground Community Center. She loves it and has moved up from Ballet1 to Ballet2 this year. Her class is going to be working on their Christmas performance soon. We're very proud of her hard work and progress! Here are some pictures from her class last week.
releve' in first position

stretching in first position

the waltz

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sarah and the Violin

Sarah just started taking violin lessons at school and she loves it! She got to learn a few notes this week and when she played for us it sounded great - no squeaking. I'm learning about the world of rossen (sp?), strings and much more! Sarah is excited to learn how to play an instrument and we're glad she gets this opportunity. She will have a concert this fall, so stay tuned!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Justin's Play Date!

Rowan and Justin "playing catch"

Having fun with toys

Justin is pretty shy by nature, and normally when he sees kids his own age he makes a quick escape. The other day we had his friend Rowan over for a play date and amazingly he had a great time! Instead of running away he actually played with her and the two of them got along famously. (Well, except for when Justin hit her with a toy, the head....but that was an accident!) They had a great time riding on Justin's little car and at one point Justin even pushed her while she was riding on it - it was too cute! Other highlights included eating lunch together, (and wanting each others food of course), and dancing to some tunes. So, we're happy to say that our boy is coming out of his social reclusiveness nicely these days. :) Thanks Deanna and Rowan for the fun play date! More to come on this topic, so stay tuned!